Plus Net offering £25 cashback! Cheapest broadband in UK only £2.99!

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best value broadband - fibre opticHave we got a deal or have we got a deal!

This site is dedicated to finding you the best and cheapest broadband deals on offer on the Internet today. Our team of experts have scoured the web high and low to look for the service providers that offer the best Broadband deals - not only in terms of price but in terms of quality of service and support. Broadband is getting cheaper and is widely available from under £10 per month.

Broadband is getting faster too! Now with speeds of up to 40MB fiber optic it's a perfect time to switch to a cheaper and more reliable internet provider who can provide you with the services you require.

Let our insider knowledge and years of experience with Broadband help you on the way to finding a great deal. We'll provide the recommendations - and the rest is up to you.

What about 'free broadband'?
This list does not include free broadband providers, often the 'free' isn't worthwhile as you will be stuck into 18 month contracts and receive little or no support. We only list the top 5 best value broadband providers in the UK.

The current top 5 best value broadband deals

This list represents not only the cheapest but what we believe to be the best value Broadband deals in the UK today. Our team of experts have thoroughly tested the quality of each service. Take a look at their respective websites to decide which deal is for you.

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Number 1 cheapest broadband



Fibre Broadband from £7.99

From £2.99

£FREE 1-12 months

Cheaper Broadband ***** Unbeatable!
- Voted best provider (2013)
- FREE Modem or router
- Broadband & Phone Options
- Up to 40MB fibre optic broadband connection
- 250 MB webspace
- Unlimited email addresses
- Home phone options too
- Up to 2 free domain names
- Online email, diary/addressbook
- Dedicated games server

Cheaper Broadband **** Excellent
- Local rate
- 24/7 around the clock
- Customer Service quality is exceptional. People who actually care at the end of the phone. Loads of stuff on the website too. The best value fiber optic broadband offer
2 Seriously Internet From £13.99 £FREE 1-12 months cheap broadband Excellent
- 200 MB webspace
- Free upgrades to 8MB
- Free .co.uk domain name
- Free static IP address
cheapest broadband Very good
- National rate
- Technical support email address
- FAQ for most common problems
3 Pipex £15.99 £58.75 12 months cheaper fiber optic  broadband Could be more
- 50MB webspace
- Online broadband email
low price broadband Excellent
- Free telephone support, business hours only
- Helpful at the end of the line.
4 Demon £19.99 £58.75 12 *** cheaper broadband Average
- 20MB webspace
- Unlimited email addresses
*** cheapest broad band Average
- Local rate
- 24/7 around the clock
- Limited in-depth knowledge
5 Clara £24.99 £58.75 12 **** best broadband Excellent
- 50MB webspace
- Unlimited email addresses
- Unrestriced newsgroups
*** best broadband Good
- Local rate
- 24/7 around the clock
- Dedicated technical support
- Not best value fibre optic broadband but good service

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Cheapest broadband conclusion for this month

Well it looks like the cheapest broadband is Plus Net, they have topped our monthly chart with it's new £6.49 offer. We're not sure how long the offer will last, but it looks like a good one, and there's plenty of good customer feedback on it's community site forums too. Plus Net also offer ultra-fast fiber optic broadband too!

Visit our website again in to find out if Plus Net are still at the top of the cheapest and best value broadband Top 5.

Thanks for visiting, we hope whichever broadband package you choose, you'll be happy with it :-)

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